LogiPACS manuals

In compliance with the requirements of the European Regulation EU No 207/2012 on electronic instructions for use of medical devices, this section of NeoLogica's website is devoted to making such electronic instructions available to the users.

A specific version of the instructions for use is provided for each specific version of NeoLogica's software product, so please ensure to select the correct version (i.e., the version matching the software actually in use).

Electronic instructions for use accessible through this website are currently available in italian and english languages.

Electronic instructions are provided in PDF format. Depending on the software configuration of the PC or device which will be used to open and read these documents, a special PDF reader software application may be required in order to be able to open the files.
We recommend downloading and installing the following PDF reader application in order to open the PDF documents related to our software products:

Access to electronic instructions for use is login-protected. Login data are provided to all registered users of our products.

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